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2019 Cafe Menu is complete!

Positive Reinvention of the Wheel

Wow! I am so relieved and excited that our revisions are finally complete to our cafe menu at Courageous. It’s been quite a process of designing, tweaking, editing and exercising loads of patience from my graphic design team MyMenuista. They have been so incredible and I am floored by their work.

Don’t be alarmed…I haven’t taken away your favorites from Courageous! We essentially took our current menu, reinvented it and added some new items that will quickly become your new favorites! Here are some quick snippets on what you will find when you visit our stores this Monday March 19th.

The Gist:

  • A clean and cheerful menu that is better organized for your rumbling tummy to make a fast decision.
  • Neat, legible fonts that are well spaced on slightly larger menu paper.
  • New dishes like Tex-Mex Hash, Chia Seed Pudding Parfait, Presley Pancakes & eight more amazing dishes you NEED to come try.
  • We even brought back an old friend the “Spanish Omelet” who we hope you missed and will forgive for being gone so long.
  • You’ll also love our dietary icons to help you find the spicy, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian dishes with ease.

Beautiful Boards

With a new paper menu also comes new & improved chalk boards. I hate to break this to you, but they will no longer be handwritten by yours truly. Gasp I know! I adored the homey touch of our handwritten boards; I took great pride in basically making magic happen in the night with updates in the morning. However, local print shops Elmhurst Blueprint and the Printing Store in Oak Park really know how to take care of a lady and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. A.K.A. They print 12 boards for me and I can catch Zzzz’s on Sunday night to see you on Monday!

In closing, on behalf of my team, we are all SUPER jazzed about this update and look forward to a blues free Monday at Courageous. As I do each and every day…I look forward to seeing you!

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