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Little Green’s New Look!

Even as I type this, I can still see little snow mounds from our recent wacky weather Sunday! Can you believe that?! And they say global warming isn’t real!


That’s not why I am here! I am here to show you a little sneak preview of Little Green’s new look!

How did this idea come to fruition you ask? Well I am about to tell you!

One day I was lying in bed as the sun was still rising, thinking about all the things we think about when we are just about to start our day…and I had this awake dream (have you had those before?). I thought to myself…it would be so cool if somehow I could make sprinkles look like the flames you see on sides of roadsters (not sure if I am using the proper term there).

So…what do I do next? I get in touch with my new best buddy Wes Douglas who has done AMAZING work for me the past year. And he pretty much read my brain and magically produced exactly what I awake dreamed.


So…what do you think? Share your thoughts on Facebook or post a comment here.

We welcome your feedback cuz basically you are the best!

We are so excited for her to be finished up and get her cruising down the road to your upcoming event!

Just a couple ideas…





*appreciation events*

*schools out for summer*

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